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Asian Studies International Journal (ASIJ ) is a peer-reviewed , scholarly , open access, online journal focusing on social sciences and humanities on all the regions of Asia. The Journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts that meet the general criteria of significance and scientific excellence. Thus, it reports on the latest research findings and innovations to raise the understanding of Asia as a global power house.

ASIJ aims to provide a forum for scholars and practitioners in the field of Asian studies to exchange ideas and publish research that further enhance the knowledge of world's most populated continent. Papers published by the journal aim to represent important advances of significance to specialists within each field.

The journal welcomes articles, research notes, and book reviews that focus on the dynamics of global change and development of Asian nations, societies, cultures, and the global community.

ASIJ interested to publish articles covering the following

• Education
• Technological changes
• Effect of globalization
• Governance & Democracy
• Political conflicts
• Economic changes
• Health care
• Law & justice
• History
• Religion
• Languages
• Immigration issues
• Civil war & children
• Women’s status
• Agricultural development
• Poverty & vulnerability
• Disasters


The Journal's mission is threefold:

1. Offer perspectives on contemporary Asian affairs by giving voice to leading scholars and policymakers in the field;
2. Promote Asia-focused social science research of renowned experts in the field
3. Play a role in shaping the future of intellectual discourse on Asia.

The Journal welcomes original social science research papers written on issues relevant to politics, security, economy, culture, and society of contemporary Asia, including Pakistan and Afghanistan. "Contemporary" is understood broadly as recent, but not necessarily as current. We are pleased to consider articles with historical background sections so long as such analyses are crucial for advancing core arguments.


ASIJ accepts following types of articles:

• Review Article - An article discussing a single topic in detail.
• Original Article - An article reporting results of clinical, pre-clinical and experimental research including randomized controlled trials, international studied, case-control studies, outcome studies, studies of screening and diagnostic test and cost effectiveness analysis.
• Short Report - Report of work on significant novel developments or important preliminary observations.
• Rapid Communication - Articles reporting results of a pilot study or preliminary findings of a study
• Case Series - Report of a series of two to six similar cases
• Case Report - Report of a single case

Asian Studies International Journal also publishes announcements giving information about conferences, meetings, seminars, symposia, courses, and other items.

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